Three Bottles of Botham 22 Yards Gin

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22 Yards is well known in the cricketing world as the length of the pitch that the magnificent game is played on. Games are won or lost depending on how the ball travels that short but highly significant distance. Having taken some 1,700 wickets in his professional career, Lord Botham knows this only too well!

This London Dry Gin is smooth yet refreshing. Strong notes of citrus are balanced with spice and hints of vanilla. This spice is enhanced with bitter orange peel and fresh root ginger to give warmth whilst the vanilla sweetness gives a soft lingering undertone.


This London Dry Gin has been infused with 12 botanicals to create its distinctive, delicious taste. These are;
– Juniper
– Coriander Seed
– Angelica Root
– Liquorice Root
– Orange Peel
– Grains of Paradise – Orris Root
– Black Peppercorn – Cassia
– Black Cardamom – Ginger Root
– Vanilla Pod

This Gin was made using traditional methods and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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