The All Rounder Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 and Blueberry, vanilla and black peppercorn dark chocolate Wine Bar with a wooden gift box


This is a full bodied wine with a rich depth of dark red fruits and red berry flavours combined with earthy spices and hints of mint. The fine grainy tannin adds complexity and a balanced finish with lingering distinctive fruit.

The Cabernet wine chocolate bar has peppercorn, blueberry and vanilla, and what a superb match it is: the spiciness of peppercorn dominates, but then the depth of the blueberry merges beautifully mid-palate, adding extra sweetness

This wine and chocolate are the perfect combination together and they come in a stunning hand embossed wooden gift box with the brilliant red All Rounder logo. This will make a brilliant Valentines Day or Birthday gift .



Sir Ian Botham is arguably one of the greatest cricketers that England has ever produced.  Known as an all-rounder of the sport, his bowling skills were as feared by opponents as his batting triumphs were rejoiced by his team-mates and country.

For the last 40 years, Sir Ian has been nurturing one of his other great passions in life – wine and the art of making it.  He now brings you this range of first class wines from one of his favourite wine producing countries, Australia.

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