Case of six Botham 79 Series Malbec


The vineyards used to source the grapes for this Malbec are among the finest in the Uco Valley, reaching heights of up to 1,500 meters above sea level. The elevated terrain provides an ideal environment with ample sunlight, cooler nighttime temperatures, and drier air, all of which lend to the exceptional quality and freshness that Malbec is renowned for.
Botham Series 79 Malbec is crafted to embody a sense of expression and opulence, culminating in a full-bodied character. Its exceptional maturity enables the complete and unadulterated expression of the oaked-aged Malbec, all while maintaining a genuine essence of the fruit.
Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer of six bottles of premium Malbec, available for a limited time only.
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